List of Web Browsers for Mac OS X

January 12, 2015

Complete List of Web Browsers for Mac OS X

What is Web Browser ?

Web Browser is a software/application that build upon browser layout engines like Gecko, WebKit etc. Web Browser mostly used for accessing internet & view webpages on our computers. Without any web browser no can’t browse webpage on computer. Few list of web browsers for mac which are common in use are listed below.

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How Web Browsers used Now-a-Days ?

Now-a-Days web browsers become more powerful than any thing like photo editing tool, code writer etc. Google Chrome become best web browser for its extension installation facility which enhance power and use of Chrome. So now browsers used in many way as per need.

List of Web Browsers for Mac


List of Top Free Web Browsers for Mac OS X

#1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome web browser available for free download as it a freeware software. Google Chrome developed by Google Inc. which based on WebKit layout engine. its best web browser among others for mac os x. It is best for speed, simplicity, security, privacy and customization. It is in top of list of web browsers for mac because of special features in Chrome. Download it for free & know more about it from

#2. Safari

Safari web browser developed by Apple Inc. and it comes with Mac OS X & iOS preinstalled. As Internet Explorer comes with Windows Operating Systems. Also Safari is available for Windows. Get more information about Safari from

#3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and it is available as free & open source web browser application. This web browser available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android operating system. You can download Mozilla Firefox web browser for free from­US/firefox/new/.

#4. Opera

Opera web browser for mac developed by Opera Software and available for free download. It is also available for Windows, Linux etc. Mobile version of Opera web browser is called as Opera Mini. You can download it for free from Opera browser site

#5. Google Chrome Canary

Google Chrome Canary web browser developed for testing Blink layout engine which is fork of WebKit. Instead of changing it first on Google Chrome they created Canary for testing it. Now Google Chrome comes with Blink layout engine. It is in list of web browsers for mac only because its one part of Google Chrome.

#6. Maxthon

Maxthon web browser also called as Maxthon Cloud Browser. It is a freeware web browser developed by Maxthon Ltd. It supports Windows Phone, iOS and Android platform. Get a free maxthon web browser and get information about it from

#7. Sleipnir

Sleipnir is a tabbed web browser for Mac and Windows developed by Fenrir Inc. Sleipnir web browser main feature is customization and tab functions. Also it has features to show thumbnail of tabbed pages. You can free download it and know more about it from

All item from list of web browsers for mac are great browser application for Max OS X operating system. Top 3 web browsers are most popular for Mac OS X, these are Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


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